8 Practical Tips for a Smooth Transition to Remote Teaching

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2020

Every day, more and more educators are being asked to teach 
from home. 

The rush to get into teaching remotely has caused a lot of stress and 
frustration or both teachers and students. 

This is why we've put together a list of 10 practical tips for remote teaching 
to help you ease into this transition with more clarity and confidence. 

Let's dive in: 

  1. Less is more: Keep in mind, many students are in a house full of distractions. Other kids, adults working at home.  Consider assigning less work than you normally would. 
  2. Schedule your day:  Right now you might feel overwhelmed and be compensating by putting in extra hours. Make sure to schedule a hard stop time where you shut your computer. I recommend taking a walk each day at that time (i you can). So it feels like a new part of your day. 
  3. Utilize Scheduling Tools: Consider using Google Calendar to set up your office hours and mandatory meets and set "reminders". This will notify students and parents across their phone and email of important events.
  4. Create a weekly newsletter for parents: Create a weekly newsletter in Smore.com. This is an easy as pie way to keep everyone updated and on the same page on the week's events.  Find out how here
  5. Survey your students in advance: Use Google Forms to survey your students to get valuable insights. 
  6. Record your live classes: If you are doing live classes in Zoom or Google Meet, utilize their easy "record" featuring to record live sessions so that students can review. You can store these in Google Drive or Google Classroom where they can be found easily. 
  7. Text with Parents using Google Voice: Set up a Google Voice Number so you can text and communicate with parents easily using your computer and it will go directly to their phone. Instructions on how to set up a Google Voice number can be found here. 
  8. Give parents an "onboarding guide": If you are using a program like Google Classroom, this can be difficult for students and parents to understanding. Giving parents an "onboarding guide" will save you hours and hours of back and forth.

PS. We have created a comprehensive step-by-step Google Classroom onboarding guide that you get FREE when you join our online program. 




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