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We are here as a successful and professional videography company to help other individuals and companies get ahead through marketing tactics and training that works. 

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Schedule More Weddings

With our tactics, we secured 8 quality leads in 7 days - 3 of which are bookings ready to go. 

Get More Drone Jobs

Drone is a growing field of need but how do you get drone jobs easily? We are creating a course to show you just that and it will be out soon. 

Get More Real Estate Jobs

Real estate jobs can be profitable and lucrative. Once you create a base, they tend to be reoccurring. We will show you how to get more of them. 

Your Lead Instructor

Seth Morrisey and his brother Brit have successfully turned a passion into a full-time business - but this didn't come without a lot of trial and error. After learning the ropes, it became easier and easier to get quality jobs that pay well. 

Are You An Aspiring Videographer?

Getting started is the hardest part. You can spend the time and bang your head learning all the ways to become successful and profitable, or you can accelerate your learning curve and learn from those who have already been there. With our training, you can get leads coming in within a week if not sooner. 

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Below is a link to our most recent course. We will be releasing future course opportunities to all current members.


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